Spice Up Your Wedding by Serving Cakes in Los Angeles, CA That Looks Unique

Uniquely Decorated Wedding Cakes

Are you looking for the ideal wedding cake that you will serve on your reception? There are a lot of cakes that are available in the market that suits any kind of occasion but you need to be very careful when it comes to the cake that you will serve to your guests. Take note that when choosing a cake, the designs are as important as the flavor. Traditional wedding cakes in Los Angeles, CA are made up of simple designs. Nowadays, more flavor and design of cakes are created in order to suit the taste of couples.

Wedding CakeHere are some ways wherein you can be able to spice up an ordinary wedding cake and turn it into something that is extraordinary:

Make use of geometric shapes – If you have a lot of ideas when it comes to designing your cake, it is best that you opt for an all white cake. You can add geometric patterns to create more depth and to make the cake look more appealing. Ordinary shapes such as rectangle and squares that are arranged intricately can create such an appealing effect. It is not wise to use bright colors since the shading will be lost. This would create interesting detail in your wedding photographs.

Go for the lace effect – Lace patterns are whimsical and airy which is perfect for wedding cakes in Los Angeles, CA. Laces don’t have to be fancy since it can overdo the design. You can make use of a plain white tiered cake and decorate it with dark grey and black lace patterns to make the cake look regal and elegant. You can choose patterns such as vines, small leaves and flowers in decorating.

Decorate with handwritten quotes – You can add a personal touch to the cake by writing your favorite quote into it. You can give the cake a vintage and rustic look by creating a distressed effect with the use of monochrome lace patterns and silver icing. You can complete the look by adding flowers and a lovely stand.

Use Grooves, Berries and Flowers – If you want your cake to look more natural, you can make use of the things that nature can provide. You can have a simple blue cake with grooves on the façade and add small flowers for more style. You can also add fresh berries to make the cake look more tempting and delicious. The contrast that the dark berries and the blue cake will offer dimension.

There are many ideas that you can use on order to decorate wedding cakes in Los Angeles, CA in order to make them more unique. You can look online for some ideas that can inspire your wedding cake. You can also ask your local baker about the designs and flavor of cake that they can create for the kind of theme that you will have for your wedding.

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