Fresh Ideas of Inexpensive Wedding Catering in Detroit, MI

Tips for Money saving Catering Service

In order for your guests to have enough strength to pose in front of the camera for the wedding photography it is crucial to serve sumptuous food. If you are going to follow traditional way of bridal catering, it is really expensive. Nowadays, the keyword for a more personal and inexpensive type of catering is “personalization or customization.” Instead of serving usual hotel food to your guests, why not try a different approach of wedding catering in Detroit, MI.

Wedding CateringGoing for hyper local

The shift from the global trend to the local products is becoming popular in the wedding catering market. Instead of serving potato and chicken, you can serve fresh local vegetables, meat and others in your table. Instead of getting wine from international distillers, you can make use of locally crafted beer. The taste of local food is always homely and relatable.

Shifting to family style

Passing food around the table is done smoothly when you opt for a family style catering. This is highly related to a sit down dinner but with a twist, since the environment is interactive. Family style catering is perfect for small weddings. You can enjoy the Tuscan table and the china wares together with the close knitted family members and friends.

Signature cocktail and other beverages

If you will not be serving a full meal, you can customize the catering into something overflowing, like serving cocktail drinks. The best tip here is to pick a signature drink and spice it up with an exquisite garnish. You can also feature locally made beer and wine, as they are less costly and easy to acquire. While the rest of your guests are enjoying their drinks, you can pass finger foods around.

With today’s advent of information open source, you can learn a lot of catering ideas online. Call the providers of wedding catering in Detroit, MI to start discussing some fresh approaches that you can integrate in your own event. Remember that your guests will always remember the food of your event, not the color of your shoes or the intricacy of your dress.

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