Disturbing Signs of a Marriage that is Not Working Anymore

Definite Signs of an Unhealthy Marriage

All About WeddingFor married couples, not everyday is filled with happiness. It’s not just about having a beautiful wedding photos. There will be bad days where they will do nothing but argue. This is normal for every relationship, married or not. However, too much of it can lead to an unhealthy marriage. If not resolved as soon as possible, this can lead to separation or divorce.

How do you know if it your marriage is getting sour and unhealthy? What are the disturbing signs that you should be aware of? You should know that some of these signs could actually be the most unnoticed ones. If you start arguing even at the smallest matters at home, which is you don’t normally do before, and if this happens more often than your early years of your marriage, then you can consider this as not normal anymore. If verbal and physical abuse exists, then this is definitely a testament that there is already something wrong with your marriage.

It is also not good if one or both of you should give out or tolerate passive and aggressive attitude to each other. Giving out comments about your partner’s inadequacy in fulfilling his part in the family is not a good thing to do. If this happens, keep in mind that it is your role to help each other to being a better partner and support of the family. Marriage requires teamwork. It is not good for the relationship if there is only one of the team who is making the effort for everything.

If there are secrets that should not be a secret to your spouse, from small to big things, then you may be just afraid of being offended. This is why many partners withhold information because they are afraid that their spouse will not understand them if they become open about it.

Another disturbing sign is if you don’t engage in sexual acts with your partner anymore. Even if you do, it can’t be counted as making love buy can only be taken as a means to satisfy your needs. If there are times that you don’t want to engage, you still have the right to say no. It is either you don’t feel attracted to your partner like the way he/she used to take your breath away or you find it more satisfying to do it with a third party. And this can lead to infidelity which is immorally and lawfully wrong when it comes to marriage.

If you are thinking that your marriage is not taking the right path, don’t be afraid to ask for support and advice from your family and professionals. However, you should remember that recovering from your unhealthy marriage will still require all the best out of you and your partner.

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