Creepy Wedding DJs from Miami, FL that You Would Want to Avoid

Silent Creepy DJs and how to Avoid Them

There are a lot of creepy people out there no matter where you go you are sure to run into a few, when you’re looking for wedding DJs in Miami, FL you just might run into a DJ that gives off that “creepy” vibe.  They may seem okay at first but when your wedding starts they are usually the kind that play music and just stares at people, it’s kind of creepy but there are in fact couples that experienced creepy DJs like this. One photographer even went so far as to describe it as a creepy guy staring at you while you’re sitting on a park bench eating your lunch. Here’s how you can avoid a creepy DJ.

Interviewing wedding DJs from Miami, FL is the best way to go, one question and trick you can ask and do is to ask them if they are having any gigs coming up soon, and if it’s okay for you to observe on how they handle that certain event. Make sure you are planning your wedding in advance for this one like choosing your wedding photographer. if your DJ can’t have you visit him on one event then try asking about the next or the next, it’s a long way to your wedding after all and you got all the time in the world, if you have a planner they will actually take care of this for you, they usually have a list of great potential DJs you can pick from, but going back to the DJ if they keep putting off meetings then you should probably look for a different one. just get to know their personality this will also give you an idea on their style.

To avoid low performance Dj choose only those listed in

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