Common Mistakes of Husbands that are Hurting their Wives

Marriage Mistakes of Men

It is true that men don’t think like women. The differences in personality are often the cause of problems in marriage that leads to separation or worse, divorce. If your partner believes that the mistake committed was an unintentional, then there is a big chance you will be forgiven but can hardly be forgotten.

All About WeddingOnce men are finally married, you need to be prepared of what will come along the way. While women can make mistakes that could also destroy the marriage, it is often the mistakes of the husbands that push their wives to file for divorce. Here are the common mistakes of married men, but these also come of what you can do to handle the situation.

  1. Forgetting the needs of your wife. Even after the wedding, it is still necessary that you schedule a date night. It is good to treat each other like you are still dating together. If you are both out of surprising ideas on a Friday night dinner date, you should plan ahead. If you have kids, find a babysitter so you can both have a good time in her favorite restaurant. This will give your wife an impression that you still do care and appreciate her.
  2. Not listening. If you think your wife is predictable, that is just rude. For years that you have been living together under the same roof, you probably know what she will say if this or that happens. On the other hand, husbands should never assume what their wife will say. If you are covering your ears whenever she starts to speak, you are refusing to listen to hear and this is a sign for her that you do not appreciate her anymore. Instead, husbands must give their wives their full attention.
  3. Rejecting to comprehend your wife. For many men, women are impossible to understand, especially that women are known to have mood swings. It is common among husbands to try fixing the problem rather than comprehending what their wives feel. However, they do not know that there are women who just want to be listened to or want their spouses to feel what they feel instead of hearing an advice. Let her calm down and maybe you could ask if she wants your advice or want someone to listen to her.

When was the last time you spent talking to your wife? Remember when you were still dating and you often call her because you want to see and talk to hear like every day? Marriage requires constant communication. If you stop talking or knowing your wife, you just don’t notice but it hurts her.

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