Where to Do a Budget-Friendly Honeymoon?

Place to Have a Great Cheap Honeymoon

Let’s face it, not everyone has a limitless budget when it comes to wedding expenses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fabulous honeymoon. You can totally have an incredible honeymoon even you have limited budget on hand. There are still plenty of affordable honeymoon getaways where your dollar can be stretched a lot further, including these fantastic, budget-friendly destinations.

Tulum, Mexico

Mexico is well-known for being a more affordable honeymoon destination, and you’ll find practically an endless number of beautiful beaches, great snorkeling, and all sorts of other activities that don’t cost an arm and a leg. While some of the most famous resorts will run nearly $500 a night, and sometimes higher, you’ll find more budget-friendly options too.  Tulum’s Freedom Paradise is a smaller, boutique hotel located on a secluded stretch of white sandy beach at the edge of the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea, this place is perfect for stylish wedding photography. This is one place that you can really enjoy all throughout your trip. So enjoy this place happily!

Florida Keys

If you’re dreaming of the Caribbean, but can’t afford to fly overseas, the Florida Keys may be a great option. If it’s too far to drive, bargain flights to Miami can often be had from New York City as well as many other major cities throughout the U.S. Once there, rent a car and enjoy driving along the Florida Keys Scenic Highway which stretches for over 106 miles across the enchanting islands filled with palm trees swaying in the breeze and miles of spectacular ocean vistas. Once there, you can snorkel in warm waters, swim with dolphins, and watch gorgeous sunsets while toasting to your new life together.

Puerto Rico

While you’ll have to fly to get there, room rates in Puerto Rico pale in comparison to other Caribbean destinations. Affordable packages can often be found year-round, though fall will bring the very best bargains. In the capital city of San Juan, take in numerous cultural attractions as well as a lively nightlife, or, by taking the ferry to Vieques Island, relax and soak in the sunshine on miles of secluded sandy beaches. Blue Beach is famous for outstanding snorkeling with an abundance of colorful fish as well as giant sea turtles. You’ll also see plenty of wild horses, which run rampant across the island, and can even enjoy a romantic horseback ride along the beach and through lush, green trails.

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