Best First Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife That You Should Add to Your Plan

What Could Make Your First Wedding Anniversary Memorable to Your Wife?

All About WeddingStill looking what would be the perfect first wedding anniversary gift to your wife? Be thankful that women are actually very easy to please. It does not have to be expensive since wives would actually appreciate the effort even more. Gone are those days when all you can think is to give is framed wedding photographs. Below are great ideas:

You can start the day by preparing her favorite breakfast. Surprise her by making her an undeniably delicious breakfast and serve it in bed first thing in the morning. This will put her in a good mood and hopefully until the end of the day. Any woman will feel happy when their husband do this for them.

Of course, don’t forget to make this important day her break day as well. Let her rest from all the household chores that needs to be done. You can do it by yourself or your can hire professional cleaners. Then, you can run all the errands for her. If she won’t allow you to, then you can be her personal driver and accompany her shopping for the grocery and paying the bills. This is the day where you have to make everything easy for her.

If you are planning to have a romantic night with her, then you can give her a live cooking show. Not many men actually do this for their wives. Prepare her a candle light dinner and don’t forget the ever cliche bouquet of her favorite flowers and adorable love notes. Perfumes and chocolates will also be well appreciated. If not, make reservations to a fancy restaurant.

Another gift that can make your wife swoon over you are gift certificates or a trip to the spa. These are actually simple leisures that they would love to have once in a while as a woman. Any girl likes to be pampered a lot like a kid. A moment to freshen up herself and feel relaxed is definitely a good addition to your set of gifts.

If you really would like to make your first anniversary even more memorable, then you can take a leave from work and have a weekend getaway. Who can say no to being far away from home and her obligations just to have second honeymoon? Do outdoor activities, reconnect with the nature, take a lot of photos, and experience what other places can offer you. Even if you are not a traveler, you can still explore and enjoy it as long as you are with your love one.

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